How did I get ‘Enlightened’ from an electric bulb?

Sriram Balasubramanian
3 min readOct 10, 2021
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It has been a stressful year to date, both mentally (at work) & emotionally (family). It is when your habits and spiritual practices help you. I usually read a few pages every week, and I am grateful for getting hold of Gaur Gopal Das’ “Life’s Amazing Secrets.” I believe reading books has multifold benefits, from turning off tabs in our brains to the near meditative focus it offers. So does a spiritual practice (Sadhana — as they say in Sanskrit). Note that being spiritual is entirely different from being religious.

Here are some interesting excerpts from the book “Life’s Amazing Secrets” which grabbed my attention.

Electric Bulb & Enlightenment

If you take an electric bulb, it has a glass protecting the tungsten filament. There is a cord that supplies power to the bulb from the power socket. If there is no power supply, no one can experience the light and light up other places. Only when you connect the cord to the power source, the tungsten filament gets excited such that it glows bright and brilliant.

So, let us draw an analogy here. For us to glow bright or enjoy the process of enlightenment, it is essential to attempt a conscious connection with a power socket (The God, or Guru or The Supreme or simply, The power source), and one can achieve through a spiritual practice called Sadhana.

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In such an attempt, every cog in the machinery is as vital as others. If there is no spiritual practice (no effort to pick the cord and plug it into the socket), there is no way the bulb will glow! Thus, the one and the only way (that I am aware of) to connect to a higher source is through spiritual Sadhana. By staying connected, one can continue to glow and light up those around us.

Have you ever felt glowing as brilliantly as an electric bulb when an enlightened soul is near you? Such is the power of connecting with an enlightened soul. That could be a professor, a mentor, or someone you look up to or admire.

Back to the spiritual practice, one of the best Sadhana is meditation. There is no measure for the quality or quantify meditation by nature, as it is a continuous inward journey. The journey in the outer world may end, or at least we become tired at some point, whereas the journey within has no end or expiry. The more we travel within, the more exciting and energetic life becomes! Such is the power of meditation.

So, to summarize, your spiritual practices are the only way for you to get enlightened and help others with your light!

Do share your thoughts and the spiritual practices that you adhere to!



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