Good Things Happen to Good?

Sriram Balasubramanian
5 min readOct 10, 2021
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Annie and I bumped into each other during an event, and we had quick exchanges of our life happenings. Annie invited me for a cup of coffee (She knows I love coffee), and I agreed immediately.

She got a cup of #OTLY latte for me, and I pounced on it with a big slurp on the first sip. Annie said that I haven't changed any of my etiquettes and am still the same a decade ago. I nodded in agreement while enjoying the coffee.

We discussed our jobs, markets, global economy, and life in general. After a pause, Annie continued with a gasp, "Good Things Happen to the Good," and "Sriram, am happy that you don't have any challenges as I do!"

I stopped sipping the coffee, and in turn, I asked her, "What Evil did you do? sarcastically!". Annie poured all her challenges like rain and explained those events, which made her tired. She even said (to my surprise), "I envy you, and your life, that you live without any challenges. God has blessed you with all abundance".

I was all ears and happy to hear her opinion on me and my life. My inner self just thought for a second about the challenges I had and reflected on them for a moment. I continued to pay attention to Annie and asked her why she said, "Good things happen for good?" and why she thinks of her as unfortunate?

She started blaming all her circumstances & situations, which made her unfortunate. I interrupted Annie, asked her if she had the time and energy to listen to me for 10 minutes. She was puzzled and nodded affirmingly, though she was indecisive.

I admitted that I am not an expert in these situations, but I told Annie what I think/follow in such cases. She was all ears and ready to grab the silver bullet solution for all life's challenges, which I confirmed that this is not!

Anyways, here it goes!

Life is a journey. We all start and end this journey more or less the same way. The only thing that differs is the experiences we encounter, which are based on the choices we make, the thoughts we think, and thus the reflections on ourselves.

I continued to share my thoughts with Annie –

The impression one has on the "Good" or the "Bad" is relative, meaning, what may appear as "Good" to you is not necessarily…



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