Apple —Navigating from Dream to Reality!

Sriram Balasubramanian
4 min readSep 23, 2021

There lived a man who dreamt of planting an Apple seed, water it, and grow it so that he could get apples for life from the tree. He found an excellent location where there are many other trees, including some apple trees as well. He sowed some apple seeds on the ground and watered them.

The tree started growing, and thus, he decided to build a house close to the tree so that he could protect, nurture, and raise it to produce the best apples. He started making a wall and completed building it on the Eastside. Next, he completed the west in about a week and then, North & South sides thereby, he could still see the apple trees from his house.

He continued with the roof and built a nice hut close to the tree, thinking he could water and grow it with care. The hot climate and the threat of insects at night made him build an even more sophisticated hut with Air-conditioning, lights, suitable flooring, etc. He was so busy and engrossed in improving the place that he forgot to water the plant and tend to it. Days passed, weeks went by, and he got into a comfort zone of being within his hut. When people asked about the tree, he told them that it grew well beyond what he expected and expressed that the apples likely to be produced by his tree shall taste the best.

Deep inside his heart, he knows that he neither watered nor attended the plant. He was too close to his plant that he missed tasting the apples from other nearby trees. He continued to claim the superior taste of apples, which his tree is yet to produce. There came a day where the plant withered and fell to the ground. The man continued to cherish his apple tree dream so long that it is still a dream and not a reality yet!


  1. Limitation →The man built walls and roofs for his comfort, because of which he eventually failed to see the apple tree. He blamed his circumstances (weather, insects, rain, etc.) for not watering, which ultimately withered the tree. The four walls and the roof are the limitations around him, and he started living within his comfort zone.
  2. Focus → The man shifted from growing and…



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