Burning Questions of Newbie Investors Answered!

Sriram Balasubramanian
7 min readJan 5, 2022

A definitive eye-opener for all who are yet to invest (or) amateur investors!

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Two common questions asked by many new investors or those who are yet to commence investing in the markets:

What and Where should I Invest?

How much do I need to begin investing?

I am sure these questions are lingering on your mind seeking answers from Twitter to YouTube, if not from another form of social media.

Let me hit straight to the point.

The answer to the first question,

"What and where to invest?" — is not Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), or Google (GOOG or GOOGL).

The answer is plain and simple —

First, you have to invest in YOU!

I know I am repeating the same adage, but that holds forever. Hear me out on why I am saying this. A friend of mine, Chris, asked me what stocks or ETFs I have held for a long time, and I replied a couple of holdings, one of which was Samsonite International (HKG:1910), where I was sitting on a little over 100% gain in about five to six years (April 2018, if I remember correctly)!

We met again at a supermarket after about a couple of months. Chris said that he bought Samsonite International when it dipped from its all-time high price due to a short-seller claiming false allegations against the then CEO regarding his Ph.D. — News Source in June 2018.

I was not expecting this news, and thus, as the price started its downward trend, I exited about half my position booking profits. At that time, I was unsure whether to exit all my positions as the company's fundamentals looked too good to ignore, considering the travel industry's dividend yield and growth prospects.

Points to Note: Chris entered a new stock position when I halved my position. That's how the stock market is — there has to be a buyer when you want to sell, and vice-versa. The only difference is that I am basing my decisions on a combination of the company's fundamentals and news. On the other hand, Chris went by word-of-mouth style.

In late 2018, the stock price fell to about HK$21, and I exited all my positions, whereas Chris increased his…



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